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PPM Case Study

Western Australian-based Supermarket Chain

Supermarket chain with circa 40 sites across Western Australia, which are managed internally by Facilities Managers. On Tap Services is currently the preferred supplier of plumbing and gas-fitting maintenance services to all Western Australian-based sites. On Tap currently undertake an extensive planned maintenance plan set out across a 12-month period at all sites. Reactive maintenance is also attended to on an ad hoc basis. All Supermarkets are designed and have the same layout throughout their Western Australian stores


Multiple sites started to experience issues with floor drains, in the storage areas, whereby they would continually block up, flood, and require urgent reactive attendance.


After reviewing and reporting on these issues at the end of the month, On Tap Services identified the same problem occurring across 3 separate sites during a 2-month period. On Tap Plumbing & Gas suggested an additional task be added to the planned maintenance schedule, which would reduce the reactive maintenance and costs associated with these floor drains blocking up.


On Tap Services was already conducting planned maintenance across all sites in Western Australia, inspecting and reporting on needed repairs. By introducing the regular cleaning of floor wastes, and floor waste grates in storage areas to the planned maintenance schedule, we were able to eliminate any further reactive works within these storage areas. Having already been onsite for the planned checks, a minimal cost was added, and any problems were identified before they caused disruptions to the store’s operations.


  • Reactive maintenance was reduced by 22% across all stores over a 6-month period
  • Costs reduced per annum by 14% ((due to difference in reactive and planned maintenance call costs)
  • Disruption to stores was reduced significantly over a 6-month period.

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