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Local Government Case Study

A local shire based in the south of the Perth metro region. It covers an area of 600 km and has approx population of 87,000. On Tap Plumbing Services currently hold the plumbing maintenance contract for the shire following a successful tender process.


The City currently manages an aquatics center that is open to the public from 5:30 am until 9 pm daily. There are several drinking fountains within the Center, which have filters on the water supply and need to be changed regularly. These fountains have specific filters that are only available from one supplier in Australia and delays have become a regular problem causing the fountains to be out of use for a long period of time. The City was receiving regular complaints from people using the facilities and asked us at On Tap to explore options to reduce these.


On Tap Plumbing Services was tasked with improving the in-use operation times of the drinking fountains and reducing the issues around the supply/cost of the replacement filters. After inspection, it was determined that retrofitting a new filter system (that bypassed the existing ones), was the best solution moving forward. By doing so we were able to supply a new filter system that was readily available from several Western Australian-based suppliers, and they were prepared to carry additional stock on our behalf. Although an additional cost was incurred initially, the cost-benefit over the medium to long term was significantly increased. Minimizing the downtime of drinking fountains was the critical issue and solving the supply issues was the major contributor to this. In addition, we ensured our suppliers carried these water filters in stock going forward, which allowed for easy supply when a change was required.


  • Down-times of drinking fountains reduced from 3 weeks per annum to 3 hours.
  • Costs reduced per annum by 32%
  • Complaints from the public were reduced by 73%

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